Brochure The Pregnancy Care Center of Ogden (the PCC) is a Christian pro-life ministry reaching over 500 women each year. We assist women in crisis pregnancies to discover alternatives to abortion and to find healing after an abortion. We pray that these stories will encourage you to allow God to work through you by donating time, money and/or talents to give hope to women and couples who find themselves without hope or recourse:

Our first clients of the year (2010), “Sue” & “Jim” were planning an abortion. After we shared what an abortion really meant, Jim turned to the Kelly and said, “Thank you SO much”. Impacted by what they’d learned, they called the next day to tell Kelly “We’ve decided not to abort”.

Jan was from a Christian home and came to us when people found out that she was sexually active. We shared a video about physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of God’s plan for saving sex for marriage. She said “Wow- there’s so many kids my school that are having sex, they need to see that video.”

Years ago, Cary had an abortion. She heard about us through a post-abortion link on the internet. Later she told her counselor. “Before I came in here, I didn’t feel like there was any HOPE”.

I’ve heard that when Mother Teresa was questioned about her endless kindness to the poor, she explained that she saw the face of Jesus in every person she served.

Stained Glass and BibleAt the PCC, we endeavor to treat everyone we serve as an honored guest. We also strive to be keenly aware that each client is a beloved child of God.  

On this particular afternoon, I (Tammy) was serving as the receptionist. A couple came in with their little boy. They spoke no English and I speak very little Spanish, but I struggled through checking them in for their appointment, apologizing as I went.

They put their little boy down on the floor with the toys. He had a quite serious expression on his face but when I waved to him, he smiled. I walked around the desk, said “Hola!” and tickled his bare foot. He broke into a big smile and giggled. When he laughed, his Dad talked to him & called him by name – Jesus.

When I sat down, Jesus & I played peek-a-boo for a while. Then he looked at me, smiled, and held his hands up towards me asking to be held. I picked him up, “hugged on him a bit” and kissed his chubby neck.

Suddenly, wonderfully, it dawned on me – today God had given me the precious privilege of imagining what it might have been like to hold His son, another baby Jesus!

In this busy holiday season, we pray that you will have times when you slow down and allow God to bless you with the True Wonders of Christmas!

CounselingDear Friends,

In a crisis, it’s especially difficult to trust that things will be OK.

On a Wednesday evening a few months ago I met with a client we’ll call Lily.

Lily was considering abortion. She had been in an abusive relationship, her boyfriend had left her, her family was angry with her and she couldn’t see how she could possibly afford to raise another baby along with her other children.

As we spoke, I remember clearly the urgency I felt to have Lily come back in to meet with someone who had experienced abortion. I told her I knew she had not come here by accident, that there were many places to get a pregnancy test, but I felt God had led her here.

Lily agreed to a second appointment and it was scheduled for Friday the same week. She met with one of our counselors who has had an abortion herself.

Lily decided to keep her baby. She came back; we were able to help her with clothes for her and her children. A few weeks later, she found out her baby was a girl.

There was another person, we’ll call her Kathy, who had found healing through the PACE Program. She wanted to donate gifts in memory of her unborn daughter and wanted to make sure the gifts would go to a woman who had considered abortion but had changed her mind. If possible, Kathy wanted to present the gifts in person. An appointment was set & Kathy presented the special gifts in honor of her unborn daughter to Lily for her daughter. Lily said that she was overwhelmed that strangers would be so kind to her.

Lily had her baby girl just a week before the PCC Banquet. Lily came forward with her baby and we all applauded her decision to courageously choose LIFE. In the five years I have been at the PCC, this appointment stands out as one of the most powerful sessions I’ve ever been involved in because I could see God working so clearly.

Serving Jesus,

Kristi Campbell- Volunteer Peer Counselor


Toward the end of September, God blessed two of our volunteers with a special “divine appointment”. They had the opportunity to sit down with a client who was in a lot of emotional pain. As they spoke, they had the chance to pray and cry with her as well.  We are told in the Bible to “rejoice with those who rejoice, and mourn with those who mourn.”  Our volunteers felt honored to minister to this child of God by sitting alongside her and sharing in her pain. The client left with hope and many scripture verses that she could cling to through her situation.